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What Does the Builders Program Include?

Early build grants

Early-Stage Project Grants

Support in helping your project navigate the Astar and Shiden Network Treasury and Grants processes.

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Introductions to relevant blockchain ecosystem players, targeting joint announcements and other co-marketing opportunities.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Category-specific support from other program members and engineers working on similar use cases, allowing members to collaborate and ask questions.

Connecting with investors and ecosystem supporters

Connections with Investors and Ecosystem Supporters

Introductions to Astar and Shiden ecosystem investors and accelerators.

How Does The Program Work?

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Builders Program

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Builders for Builders is a new initiative that aims to empower teams building Substrate-based parachains to develop and grow their own ecosystem of builders developing on top of their parachain. As part of the Builders for Builders initiative, the Substrate Builders Program team will share best practices gained from running the SBP for over a year now to help parachain teams build their own similar programs for teams building solutions on top of their parachain. These programs, called Parachain Builders Programs (PBP) will allow parachain teams to become mentors to others and develop their own thriving community of builders, enriching the Polkadot ecosystem as a whole.

The Builders Programs for both Astar Network and Shiden Network will go live soon after winning their respective parachain auctions (i.e. Polkadot for Astar and Kusama for Shiden). We accept applications year-round, on a rolling basis.

Shiden is our canary network. Shiden is to Astar what Kusama is to Polkadot.

The Builders Program includes both networks. Once Shiden wins the Kusama parachain auction, we will launch the Builders Program for Shiden Network. Subsequently, when Astar has acquired a slot on the Polkadot parachain, we will begin accepting applications for Astar Network projects.

No. The program is free.

The Builders Program Committee currently consists of 8 members, 4 from the Astar team and 4 ambassadors from our community. These 8 individuals will pull together their unique skillset and experiences to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your application. Note that if a consensus cannot be reached, the default behaviour is to reject the application.